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Landscapes of Vulnerabilities and Strategies of Adaptation in Miami’s Many Communities

One of the WPHL’s research and curricular strengths includes a project entitled “Landscapes of VulnerabilitiesAn interdisciplinary coalition of FIU faculty in the humanities, global studies, architecture, and the sciences will embark on research projects and gather data, together and individually, to establish a common set of narratives and create an outlet to unite on-going work on how Miami’s many human communities are beginning to engage the realities of climate change and sea level rise (SLR) in our coastal environment.  This research collective opens up a collaborative space for the sharing of knowledge and approaches to SLR and climate change 

This research collective highlights the ways in which a multi-disciplinary approach is urgent.  Our work brings together a coalition of faculty from the environmental sciences, humanities and social sciences to draw attention to stories from Miami’s many diverse communities, which reveal their struggles and desires, as well as their creative voices and innovations in the face of difficult choices.  Each of us explores narratives of permanence, impermanence, and their unevenness across hierarchies of race, class and place of origin. We contend that the only way to imagine a livable future in the Anthropocene is through multi-disciplinary, multi-valiant approaches that include textual, visual, emotive, scientific, data-driven, and artistic narratives.