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The Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab (WPHL) in partnership with Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS), and the Humanities Edge has created a platform entitled Stories in the Time of Corona in order to hear -- and record – the stories from the members of our FIU community and South Florida at large in this very difficult and unsettling moment. Our thought is to train the commitment to community engagement and public-facing work that each of us does on you, members of our beloved FIU community and beyond; to hear from you, learn from you, and create a community of knowledge and empathy as we struggle to understand how the ground is shifting beneath us.  We will emerge stronger and with an archive of stories in a multitude of formats (textual, sound/visual, digital) able to remind us and teach us as we move forward together.

We will inspire members of our community with a series of themes that together will create the archive of narratives, textual, visual and/or digital. We will encourage expression of all kinds, from photography  to words in the form of free thought and poetry and art.

Theme: HOME

The domestic interior – our kitchens and hallways and gardens and porches, stairwells and bathrooms – has taken on new meanings during this time of quarantine. Closets have become offices, dining rooms are now classrooms, and living rooms serve as bedrooms, and on and on. Emotions run high. Please share your ideas on the meanings of home, whether serving (as Ana Menéndez says) as prison or refuge, during this Time of Corona.

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