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Who gets a say in Florida's elections?

The Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab hosted a panel Friday, October 23, 2020, on the state of voting rights in Florida. We discussed the issue with Dexter Filkins, a New Yorker writer who had just published a piece on this issue, and Melba Pearson, a former prosecutor and ACLU of Florida deputy director who is now the director of policy and programs for FIU's Center for the Administration of Justice.

In 2018, Florida voters overwhelming approved Amendment Four, restoring the voting rights of felons who had served their time. Six months later, the Republican-dominated legislature approved a law dictating that ex-felons could not vote until they paid all the fines associated with their sentence. This effectively re-disenfranchised as many as 770 Florida residents, about half of whom are black. Learn more about this issue and the fight over who gets a say in Florida's election.

Cosponsored by the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs and the Shepard Broad Distinguished Lecture Series